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A Clean Slate

So it finally happened… Last weekend the big boys came in and spent 6 hours clearing the new kitchen garden so we can get it ready for the next growing year!

The old ‘hedges’ containing mainly ivy were removed from around the old allotment patch as we wanted to make the area slightly larger. We’ll be planting new proper hedging around the kitchen garden to create a barrier from the rest of the garden and also a bit of privacy from the neighbours. Then the digger leveled off the ground and last but not least he brought in his rotavator for a nice finishing touch.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited and happy this has made me, to have a completely clean slate to work with and such a large space ready to start planting in. Now the big job is done we can really start work on creating our own little haven in the back garden. We’ll start by marking out the beds and laying down the pathways, then we can build a nice new potting shed and start saving for a beautiful greenhouse. The new hedges need to be ordered and planted out as well as things like Rhubarb and Asparagus. I’m sure Spring will come around before we know it and then the madness of sowing seeds will commence… I can’t wait!

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