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Winter Wonderland

Hello from a rather snowy Wales! I do hope everyone is ok? I know quite a few people missed out on all the snow but we just so happened to get a bucket load here on the Welsh border… We woke up on Thursday morning to just over 6 inches and it continued to snow/sleet for the rest of the day, just when it looked like it would start melting we woke up to a fresh layer the next morning! 

I must admit that I love the snow, as long as I’m wrapped up warm and have a hot cup of tea waiting for me inside the house. The dogs have also been loving it, it’s the first time they’ve both seen ‘proper snow’ and they’ve been having so much fun in the garden, catching snowballs and running around the fields opposite the house. Although the snow has been a little too deep for poor Ted’s little legs!

The entire village and surrounding contryside looked so pretty and picturesque, we even braved a walk up the hill to see one of our favourite views (although it was foggy so we couldn’t see much!) It’s the first time we’ve seen snow in our new home and it didn’t dissapoint. The only downside is the lack of gritting lorries which means I haven’t been able to take orders to the courier drop off point these past two days…

The new kitchen garden looked glorious under a blanket of snow, newly fenced off and untouched. The poor bare root hedging took abit of a battering though and I had to go round lifting some of the branches up from the snow drifts. The trees in the orchard had a dusting, the bee hives had little snow lids and I’m glad the chicken run wasn’t up yet as I’m pretty sure it might have collapsed!

The past two days have been glorious and so much fun… however, I’m ready for it to melt now so we can get on with some proper gardening!

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  1. Hello , from across the pond! I have followed your posts since the beginning and can’t wait to see how your garden develops this year! It is wonderful that your family has moved to a space where you can build all you want ! 💕

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